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Allmax Leucine, 400g

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Allmax Leucine

Leucine could be hailed as one of the most potent natural muscle building supplements known to man. ALLMAX brings you the purest and most powerful single ingredient to build hard, lean, dense muscle, fast! Leucine (C6H13NO2) is an Essential Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) known throughout bodybuilding as the ultimate muscle-builder.

  • Stimulate Protein Synthesis*
  • Preserves Lean Muscle Mass*
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery*
  • 100% Animal-Free Source

Essential for achieving a positive nitrogen balance

Leucine activates an anabolic pathway called the mTOR pathway which stimulates muscle protein synthesis. By increasing Leucine consumption the mTOR pathway is signaled and protein synthesis is increased. No single ingredient has the pure, unadulterated anabolic power that Leucine does. Simply stated, Leucine is essential for achieving a positive nitrogen balance and building lean muscle mass.*

Allmax Leucine Supplement Facts

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