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EHP Labs OxyShred Fat Burner, 60 servings

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Original price $59.95
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Pick Flavor: Gummy Snake (Limited Edition)

EHP Labs OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner Powder 60 servings now available.

OxyShred is a highly advanced and extremely powerful thermogenic fat burner that stimulates your body’s fat receptor cells and boosts your metabolism to promote an increased level of fat burning.

Top Features of EHP Labs OxyShred

  • NO JITTERS, ANXIETY OR HEAVY STIMULANTS: Make sure your body is filled with clean energy, and not those heavy stimulants. Clean energy will give you that extra push you need to get through your day with out the jittery side effects.
  • Boosts metabolism and destroys stubborn fat cells
  • Limits calorie absorption by the body
  • Contains mood enhancers and immune system support
  • Improve productivity and mental focus

When to Use It?

Morning: Use OxyShred first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to maximize fat burning throughout the day. 

Pre-Workout: Use OxyShred 20 minutes before training to provide you with extra energy and focus for your workout.

Enjoy the energy, get active & feel the burn.