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Winter Stiffness?

Winter Stiffness?

As the cool weather continues to set in, one must take the proper precautions to prevent joint pain and stiffness. Ensure you have the proper protocol in place in order to keep your body healthy and active this winter.

You may be asking yourself why your bones and joints may begin to ache more around this time of year. The fluid within our joints known as synovial fluid can thicken as the seasons shift. As this fluid loses its ability to flow freely, it may cause your joints to tighten up and lose mobility. 

Staying active is the number one way to ensure your body stays producing sufficient synovial fluid to stay pain-free. Turmeric builds the foundation of an effective supplement protocol for an active lifestyle by reducing inflammation and joint pain. 

We are fully stocked up on Turmeric to help you combat these complications and stay moving. Get yours today! 
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